Standing Pole Qigong
(Embrace the Moon, Zhang Zhuang, Holding the Ball)

Hold the arms in a circle, elbows lower than hands, palms facing inward, thumb side on top with a gap between the opposing fingers of 1/4 - 4 inches apart. When this gap is wider, the energy does not circulate between the arms. This is like the gap in a spark plug, ignition points, or the brushes in a motor.

Hollow the chest, relax the area between the eyes, and position the eyes to lightly gaze at the midpoint of the third eye.

Next open the palms of the hands, palms facing inward, with fingers pointing to each other; thumb points to other thumb, index finger to other hand's index finger etc. Some point the thumbs outward, which will cause an opening in the energy field that can be penetrated, or is used by others for negative effects.

Hands should not be overly flat, nor overly rounded; but slightly rounded. Draw your elbows out slightly to create a small space under the armpit. Do abdominal breathing through your nose, let the mind and the breath drop to your Lower Dan Tien (the space between the kidneys).

Draw in you chin so your head aligns with your spine. Relax the muscles of the mouth and jaw and lightly rest your tongue on the top of your mouth. Let your eyes be softly open but try not to look at anything specifically, take your mental attention away from the visual stimulation.

You should have the feeling of being hung by a thread attached to the top of your head like a puppet. You should feel your head floating effortlessly up and at the same time the weight of your body rooting through your feet 3-6 feet into the earth. Your energy below the ground; is the base of the pyramid, the head the point.

When you exhale, relax the anus area (Gu Dao or Huyin Point); as you inhale, lift up the anus area.

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