Sex Tonics

For all sexual problems, massage the back of the leg, behind, just above the ankle, in the middle. This will help to soothe the organs, relax tension, and stimulate proper circulation.

Red ginseng for men, white ginseng for women.


Pantochrin / Deer Antler

Deer Velvet has been used for thousands of years in the Orient for impotence in men and infertility in women. It has been referred to as one of the top sexual performance enhancers in the world. It has been said to produce strong sexual desires, stamina and strength. The royal houses of the emperors are thought to have made the finest advancements through the energy and insights of great Chinese herbalists.

Deer Velvet is believed to balance and normalize negative conditions and imbalances. In western medicine, this is called homeostasis or health. This is defined as an optimal balance of mental and physical well being. When the body loses its normal homeostasis, adverse symptoms appear. Symptoms are not the cause of health problems, but rather an expression of the body's efforts to defend its weakest areas and bring the body back into balance. In the Orient, this balance of the body energy is referred to as ying and yang. It has been said that deer velvet brings a balance to the ying and yang energies. Deer antler velvet is beneficial for men health as well as women's health.

  • Sea Horse

  • Fructus Lychee

  • The female hormone, progesterone, is contained in sarsaparilla, use 1 teaspoon ssarsaparilla to 1 cup boiling water, for tea. Drink 1-3 cups a day as needed.

  • Dong Kwei is the female equivalant of ginseng, helping to stimulate the female glands and helps reatard aging. TAke about 1/2 teaspoon , twice a month.

  • Licorice, is a good source of estrogen. Use only pure licorice, made into a tea, or candy. Take daily.

To stimulate menstration, and sometimes an abortion:

  • Use 1 ounce tansy to 1 pint boiling water, steep several minutes and drink 4-5 cups daily.

  • Rosemary is well known for promoting menstration. Use 1 teaspoon herb, to 1 cup boiling water and drink 1 cup warm tea every three hours.


Bovine Prostrate

Prostrate concentrated from bulls, organic, and works within 4 weeks, for about 4 weeks.

Prostrate Gland Disorders

  • For enlarged prostrate, use magnesium. Take dolomite and Vitamin D. Three 200mg tablets per day.

  • For urinary disorders of the prostrate gland, soak 2 tablespoons juniper berries overnight in 1 ounce of water. In the morning, add 1 pint boiling water and steep for 1/2 hour. Drink one cup, morning and evening for two days.

  • Pumpkin seeds are excellant for treating prostrate disorders.

  • One or two cucumbers eaten daily help feed the male hormone glands


Taoist Secrets of Love, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

Healing Love through the Tao, Cultivating Female Sexual Energy
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