Red Hands -Red Palms

Qi Heats Hands in Study

Heat is implied by the reddening of surface area of the hands in a Qigong Master and an Internal Martial Arts Master.

Heat is indicated by redenning, and an area of light that we cannot see in the red spectrum called infrared as well, and is evident in the reddish lighting we see keeping take-out food warm.

The following study documents this heating effect.

An Analytic Review of Studies on Measuring Effects of External Qi in China, by Kevin W Chen, Ph.D., M.P.H., University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
World Institute for Self Healing, Inc.

"light 10, 11, electricity 12, heat 13, sound 14, and magnetism 15.

The first report of this type utilized a far-infrared detector (8-14 mµ) and was published by Gu & Lin in 1978 13. … Shanghai Academy of Chinese Medicine reported that when the qigong healer emitted qi to a patient, an

AGA thermogram
could display the entire procedure of qi emission by reading the thermal flow moving from his arm to his palm and finally to his finger tips.

Then, the surface temperature of the patient’s afflicted area, although one meter away from the healer, was raised by 3°C 17. "

Red Hands - Red Palms in Internal Martial Arts

For an internal martial blow; one does not always want the Qi on the surface of the skin, it should be brought out on moved past the fist, not retained in it. When one is healing someone else, this might not be the case.

The test is not to have the skin be red all the time since one could: paint the skin, get sunburned, heat the skin; or put a reddener on it like cinnamon or a salve.

When one practices an internal set, different surface areas will redden within a range of 1/13th to 1/60th of a second; as the Qi is temporarily chambered before it is issued. A trained eye of a quick fighter can see this.

A technical way to review an internal form is to take the video through a software package that will let you view and save the individual frames of the movie picture. You can buy these, and some come installed on the cameras themselves.

Both Shaolin and Lohan can be taught externally to karate, commercial schools and Wu Shu types. You will have more students and more money if you do not require that they do their homework. Traditional students would spend long hours building basics to strengthen and prove themselves. No character or introspection is needed when pays for a private coach. Many modern kung fu teachers focus more on positive reinforcing praise, and superficial quantitative progress. Sets and moves are readily progressed through by crude variations of the same energy. The difference between external kung fu schools and karate are few; some parading colored sashes rather than colored belts.

It used to be required that one stand in the Standing Pole (or Embrace the Moon) Qigong posture for at least an hour, in good form, with correct energy; before learning any of the forms. This is not a money maker; since most students will drop out before accomplishing this. Both the West and China are primarily geared to the money making commercial versions of what used to be Shaolin. In China you will see seated actors that pose as a ‘monk’ for the tourist’s cameras, in a mediation sitting posture, outside theaters, temples and other money making events for tourists taking pictures. They will never be accompanied with any real Buddhism, lessons or any sincere meditation; they are a sham.

Meditation used to be part of the Kung fu schooling; most now do nothing but sit in silence, if that.

Many commercial schools will rant and rave about meditation and Qi; yet they do not have any practices or any postings documenting the actual practice; because they do not have any, and lack advanced practitioners.

‘The basic exercises, can be classified into the external and internal type. That with form (i.e. that which can be seen) belongs to the external and that without form, to the internal. The internal type aims at training the Chi. The sitting meditative method of the Shaolin School and the “Guiding Method” of the Wu Tang School belong to this category. The internal type is difficult to master without the assistance of a good teacher. ‘; Iron Palm in 100 Days, by Jason, Ying-arn Lee, page 7.

Kou Yu Chang did not use the iron filings method, and his hands were ‘soft as cotton’.

You will see many phonies on the Internet, with their claims of Kou Yu Chang lineage; but they do not have any one who can do it now. They find it easier to pose with a picture of Kou Yu Chang, rather use the same foundational methods.

Any one showing pictures of smashing the bean or iron filings bag; is doing external iron palm.

Some site and schools refer to red palms or hands; but do not have any internal ability or theory about this reddening. It is easier to call yourself something than demonstrate it.

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