1971-75 in the Wide Circle of Kung Fu School in New York City and Berkeley, California.
This is a primarily Northern Shaolin based style, under Grandmaster Joseph Greenstein,
headquartered in New York.

From 1971-74 Mo Duk Kwan, Tiger Tae Kwon Do, under Master Kenny Yuen, Oakland,


1973-4 with Master Minh, Hapkido of University of California Berkeley.

1971-74; Aikido in Berkeley with Jeff Wilbur.

1974-79; Nippon Kenko Juko of Grandmaster Okano, learning Shotokan from Mr.Tanaka, and Lou

Correa, and
Goju under Masa, Koko and Hiro.

1976 Aido Samurai Sword under Master Samurai Takahashi.

1974-76 studied Yang style Tai Chi and Ba Gua at the Chinese Cultural Center, University Ave.,


1982-85 Ba Gua and Hsing Yi under Mr. ST Ying, "The Old Man" at the Chinese Baptist Church in


Most recently and foremost: from 1980-87 in the San Francisco/ Bay Area of California,
under Grandmaster Wong Jack (Chia) Man of San Francisco Jing Mo;
studying Hsing Yi, Praying Mantis, Tai Chi, Lui Ho, Lohan, push hands and Northern Shaolin.
Sifu Hayes has taught at:
the Yoga Den in Juneau (now Rainforest Yoga), from 1991-1998;

Juneau Public School's Community Schools, from 1991-2005;

private lessons in Juneau, since 1995.


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