Hsing Yi Earth

“The tearing of cotton is felt near the Lower Dan Tien between the two hands palms; as you exhale.

The action of the two hands in this inner-circle orbit, is as if they were each posts on each side of a revolving disc, on opposite sides of the circle. This feeling is heightened on the turn.

One can also focus on the keeping the two fists like a bolo:
the front palm downward hand being on one side of the orbiting circle,
and the rear palm upward hand, being on the opposite side of the circle,
each fist orbit on the same orbit-plane, equidistant; keeping pace with each other.

Tearing cotton focuses on grounding and power, the bolo orbiting increases the speed and surprise.”, from
Axe Hand; Hsing-i & Internal Strength Workout, page 119
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