Private classes are available by appointment in Juneau and Angoon, Alaska.

The classes are geared for independant study that is readily combined with workout book, for the fastest learning you are capable of.

Train with a partner for the same price as one.

TAI CHI, Yang style; 5 move and 101 move forms.

KUNG FU internal styles of

  • Wide Circle of Kung Fu Jade Dragon Form; Chi Sau and meditation are included;

  • Beishaolin (Northern Shaolin) Tan Tui forms for beginners, and
    10 basic forms starting with # 6 - Tun Ta or Short Strikes, then # 7 - Plum Blossom, # 5 Military Skills etc.
    Many with other martial backgrounds will start at the 10 basic forms;

  • Hsing-i (Xing Yi, Hsing Yi) 5 elemenents empty hand then spear, followed with linking sets,
    12 animals, and then the saber whic the Samurai sword is based.

  • Ba Gua (Pa Kua) circle walk, snake step primarily, Chin Na;
    along with their associated Nei Gong and Qi Gong.

  • 7-Star Praying Mantis, and pressure points; will be taught to advanced students, as well as Internal Iron Shirt and Internal Iron Palm;

Shaolin is based upon Buddhist Meditative concepts and resulting energy work.

Sifu Hayes has taught at:

the Yoga Den in Juneau (now Rainforest Yoga), from 1991-1998;

Juneau Public School's Community Schools, from 1991-2005;

Private lessons in Juneau, since 1995.

You provide the space, which you can rent, by your house, or outside.

Classes are for adults that are at least 19 years old.

1-2 student(s) - $40, 3 or 4 students - $50, non-affiliated teacher - $35

Groups larger than 4 people will be negotiated on a case by case basis; depending on amateur or professional nature.

Private classes have advantages of individually tailored, focused training to one’s own body type and ability. Group classes share their teacher’s time, for a generalized solution.

Individualized attention insures that you are not practicing the wrong move; but more importantly, that you are not practicing it in the wrong way.

If one is not self motivated or independant, a group class might be better, since it has the advantage of momentum and reinforcement mechanisms, with schedules.

Part of Shaolin, Buddhism and Martial Arts is independant thought, this training can strenghten self-reliance and innovation.

When one enjoys their workouts, and practices on their own; they will grow at their maximum rate.

When you do not enjoy your workout, you will find ways to avoid it.

Class requires a working area, away from public view; 15' X 15' for most forms and 25 feet X 25 feet for weapons and longer forms.

Some use their own home. Many in the summer will practice outside in the parks.

I know of many spots close to the road, but out of view; with a hike of 20-200 yards.

Personal motivators, or ‘Trainers’, go for the rates starting in the range of $75-$100 at local health clubs, and will not necessarily have Internal Martial Arts as a specialty.

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